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5 Lawn Maintenance Tips

Having a clean and beautiful lawn around your compound is the dream of every homeowner. However, to achieve this, proper lawn maintenance should be done regularly to ensure that the grass and flowers remain in a perfect condition.


To achieve this, you need to carry out maintenance exercises such as watering, aeration, mowing and edging among others. If you want to have a breathtaking lawn in your patio, the following lawn care tips will help you achieve just that.


  1. Edging;

Edging helps in creating borders within your garden where your grass will grow without spreading everywhere. You can use shears to define the edge of your lawn thus, creating your preferred design in your garden.


This ensures that your lawn is designed in a specific manner and it also makes mowing easier.


  1. Aeration;

Soil aeration ensures that you are able to break hard soil surfaces and the grass in able to grow evenly in your lawn.


Different areas are endowed with different soil types and it’s necessary to ensure that the soil is aerated. Use of dethatchers can also help in making your lawn more vibrant.


  1. Mowing;

Regular mowing of your garden ensures that your garden grass is well maintained at your preferred height all the time.


When you mow your lawn, the grass is able to spread it’s roots more faster and you will be able to fill all the bare surfaces. Get yourself an effective lawn mower that will get your job done with precision.


  1. Watering

Watering your lawn will ensure that your grass and flowers do not dry up especially in the summer seasons.


Therefore, you will be required to plan for watering systems such as hosepipe or sprinklers in good time.


  1. Weeding;

Where there is good grass and flowers, expect weeds too. For you to have a healthy lawn, you need to make sure that your lawn is free from any weed.


One of the best way to deal with weeds is to done regular mowing.